Napoo Healing Course

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Napoo healing courses for Paranormal activity, Black magic, Evil eye, Spells, Curses, Negativity and Spirits. Napoo healing is a unique therapy and completely different from all types of other common healing technique. It has been successfully taught to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds in India, US, Canada, UK, Australia.

I. Basic Course 

Basic course is for self-protection and family protection. Once you have learnt basic course of Napoo healing you can protect yourself from negative energy without depending on any other healer or common remedy.

Duration 1 month 

Course fee $ 600 only 

II. Master Course 

Master course is to know the symptoms and difference between visible and invisible forces and External or Internal effect of supernatural powers. Napoo master course is especially for those, who want mysterious enlightenment and extreme expertise to recognize actual type of hidden problems. 

Duration 3 months

\Course fee $ 1500 only

Individual training course is also available according to interest and capability.

There are three phases of Napoo healing, first is complete knowledge of evil eye, curse, black magic, spirits and spells etc. The second is precautions before Napoo healing for 100% results. Third is use of unique elementary technique methods for full protection from all paranormal problems. 

  • No need for healers
  • No spirits re-attacks
  • No expensive remedy
  • No traditional practice
  • No Tantra or mantras
  • No Chanting and rituals
  • No risk and Restrictions
  • No Stones, rings, ornaments

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