Napoo paranormal healing has a unique academic training program, based on paranormal science. It is a training program to understand secrets of paranormal world and its working which helps to be a Napoo healer. Napoo healing is not based on any type of rituals or scary methods, it can be learnt through simple lectures.

Main reason to start Napoo healing is that everyone should have actual knowledge to escape from people who are benefitted by scary advertisement of Evil eye, Black magic, Spell Casting and Spirits. There must be a trained Napoo healers in every city of the world to help people who are suffering such problems.

There are three phases of Napoo healing, first is complete knowledge of evil eye, curse, black magic, spirits and spells etc. The second is precautions before Napoo healing for 100% results. Third is use of unique elementary technique methods for full protection from all paranormal problems. In Napoo healing course you are introduced to Napoo Yantra.

Once you have learnt Napoo healing,  you can protect yourself from negative energy without depending on any other healer or remedy. This is one of the unique features of Napoo healing.

  • No traditional practice
  • No Tantra or mantras
  • No Chanting and rituals
  • No risk and Restrictions
  • No Stones, rings, ornaments

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