Napoo Paranormal Healing

Tips to remove black magic, evil eye, curse, spells, spirit attacks etc.

Napoo healing process is a scientific therapy which establishes certain rules to get effective results. These include:

  1. The use of Napoo yantra is of utmost necessity. It is available for free of cost and can be collected from your nearby Napoo healing center. This Napoo yantra should be placed at your home, workplace or any other affected place.
  2. No ornaments, stones, rings, or threads shall be used, and are prohibited during the healing process.
  3. No other alternative healing should be undertaken while practicing Napoo healing.
  4. No other yantra(s) should be used and no chants must be read while practicing Napoo healing.
  5. Napoo healing should be practiced secretively and the person must abstain from telling others about it.
  6. Do not tell any remedies to other people regarding negative energies, as it might affect you.


  • No traditional or orthodox methods are adopted during the healing process.
  • No risks are involved during the practice of Napoo healing.

We don’t make any false promises about the duration of cure. Napoo healing process may vary as per the degree of your problem.

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