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  • Napoo healer identifies the type of black magic and paranormal problems with reasons
  • Napoo healer explains precautions before starting therapy that should be done to get 100% results of the process
  • Napoo healer suggests the use Napoo Yantra/Symbol in bedroom, living room, workplace, on mobile screensaver etc.
  • Napoo healer provides healing from distance; it is a secretive method because all black magic and paranormal activity is done secretively.
  • Napo healer advises element based remedies to be done at home according to the problems and sufferings.


  • Napoo healer is not a doctor, he is an alternative therapist for black magic and paranormal activity who works in a secretive manner and use element based therapy to heal the problems
  • Napoo healer can heal all types of paranormal problems like negativity, evil eye, black magic, spells, sorcery, spirit attacks etc.
  • The services of Napoo healer are chargeable as per discretion.
  • If the client wants Napoo healer to visit, the expenses shall be borne by the client.

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