Napoo Paranormalist heals people who want mysterious enlightenment, remove all types of negative energies and want permanent protection from negative powers.

Napoo Paranormalist has a unique technique of healing that works against the ill-effects of paranormal world including black magic, spirits attack, evil eye, etc. He can easily recognise the root of any negative/paranormal related problem, and accordingly suggests remedies to nullify the bad effects.

Napoo paranormalist works in a secretive manner, because the paranormal world itself is a secret and invisible. He provides individual services to clients. Napoo is not a religion and does not ask to change religious or spiritual beliefs. Napoo is not to harm or charm others, but to heal and serve others.

Napoo Paranormalist course has been formed after Years of research and is effective in removing negative effects of any paranormal problem. This is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. It requires minimal investment, and with enough skill and experience, one can earn beyond expectations.

To become Napoo Paranormalist contact Vijay Batra ‘Karmalogist’

Founder of Napoo Foundation

New Delhi – 110063, INDIA