Karmalogist Vijay Batra ( Founder of Napoo Foundation) says that our body is made of elements, like, fire, air, water, earth and sky. When someone is attacked by negative force, elements of the body get imbalanced which cause mental, physical and social problems.

If, all elements are balanced then we will not suffer from any problem, like, Inner-negativity, outer negativity, relationship problems, Sufferings from malefic Planets, Attacks of spells and bad spirits, Uncomfortable dreams and feelings, Sickness without medical problems, failed Prayers and blessings, anger, stress, fear, emotional imbalance, hurdles in progress, financial matters, isolation, failure in spiritual awakening.

Napoo Healing

  • Element based unique healing therapy 
  • No requirement of any expensive remedies
  • Fear-free advanced methods to tackle paranormal world
  • Full protection from evil powers without orthodox practices
  • Life-time support from Napoo foundation

Contact for Napoo healing and Napoo Learning

Napoo Foundation, New Delhi, INDIA

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